Slow Progress


No excuse for how long this is taking me to do, except, that life is crazy and trying to run my own business, living the 'digital nomad' life and learning new coding languages is not exactly something easy to juggle. 

At any rate, there is progress. Slow progress. The above video will show you what I've managed to do so foar.

My biggest hurdle is with getting the CGen to work nicely on the Web Interface and not require people to save and reload the screen all the time to see the updates.  Savage Worlds RIFTS CGen is great and reasonably streamlined - I really want that to come across when people go through the process on our game. 

But the CGen and technical operation stuff isn't all that needs to be done to open a game. 

Reliant also has some decent progress writing up lookup tables, doing data entry for the gear and translating Savage Worlds into pseudo-code that a real coder (well me) will have to translate into actual code later (that last part is mostly so we can lay out how we want the commands and logic to work, as well as what commands and pieces of data we actually need).

He's also working on ideas to get people engaged without ALWAYS needing a GM or having to understand the intricacies of the systems.  For my part, I love his suggestions and really want to have this coding done so we can do that (cause it sounds way more fun).

Stay Tuned - I'll try not to make another two years...


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Serenity is a web developer and tech by trade. With over 30 years experience in IT and IT Support, she does this sort of stuff for a living. Serenity came late to the MU and RP scene but over the last two years has found a niche in telling collaborative stories with people.

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